My Typical Client

I serve growing small business that focus on positive social impact to make a big change in their world. The owners of these companies are goal-oriented and hard working, but there aren’t enough hours in the day and they struggle with delegating tasks.

My typical client runs a growing organization of 3 to 20 people. These business owners care about more than just money, they are using their business as a tool to create real change in their world. These owners value their time and view it as their most important resource. They understand that money can be created at any time, but time is the one resource we never get back. These owners are sick of having time or money, but never both. These owners are tired of just ‘winging it’—they are ready to implement a long-term growth strategy.

Does this sound like you?

Our Manifesto

I am a conscious business owner.
I view my people as my greatest asset.
I have a passion for helping others.
I use my business to change the world.
I believe impact determines profit.
Yet, I know that I am not my business.
And I will not give up.
Because this is bigger than me.
It all starts with a conscious operating system.


When you work with me, you'll become a part of a larger group of goal-oriented entrepreneurs. Owners who make business decisions based on how impactful our good or service will be in people’s lives. We don’t have unlimited resources—so we have to maximize the efficiency of our existing infrastructure. We have to bring the focus back to the human being at the end of every business transaction. We have to be more conscious in our businesses. But how do we do that? And will such a company even be profitable?

If you asked the CEO’s, Wall Street, or even management textbooks, they’d tell you that we’re focusing on the wrong metrics—that making business decisions based positive social change is not a feasible strategy. Yet it’s happening. Every single day organizations are changing how they do business. It’s happening through the art and science that we call establishing a conscious business operating system.