When it comes to Establishing a Conscious Operating System, Levich Consulting has you covered from A to Z.

Accounting – An accountant that knows how to save you money on income taxes is nothing short of a miracle worker. We don’t just work with the best in the business, we work with the best in business.

Bookkeeping – Get an accurate, monthly look at your sales, expenses, and profits—integral metrics for any and all decision-making.

Business Strategy – Develop a step-by-step plan to achieve your business goals that breaks big problems into smaller, achievable solutions.

Compliance – We’ll help you discover and remediate any compliance issues.

Credit Card Processing – We’ll find any business a credit card processing solution—even high-risk merchants.

Customer Service – Provide your customers with helpful service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you keep your customers happy, you keep them as customers.  

Develop Company Vision – Ensure you and your team are working towards common goals.

Entity Setup – Protect your personal assets in the event of a lawsuit or bankruptcy.

Establishing SOPs – Automate your business while ensuring consistency and accountability through the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures.

Executive Assistants – Finally, someone you can trust to handle the details, manage your email, book flights, and remember to send flowers on your mom’s birthday.

Financial Consulting – Learn how you can leverage your income and where you can cut costs.

Fulfillment – Store your goods at a quality warehouse that reliably same-day ships orders to your customers.

Hiring and Training – Whether you’re looking for employees or contractors, we will handle the entire hiring, on-boarding, and training process.

Inventory Management – Get real time inventory counts at your fingertips.

Operations Management – Focus on growing your business instead of managing it.

Risk Management – Learn where you have unnecessary exposure and how to fix it.

Sales Tax Diligence – We’ll ensure you’re collecting and remitting properly in each state.

Smart Data Implementation – Use metrics to make faster and smarter decisions.

Supply Chain Management – Make your products cheaper, faster, and with less headache.

Tax Consulting – Save money without doing anything differently.

Zoom Out – Gain an outsider’s perspective so that you can zoom out and see the forest from the trees. Really, though, we just wanted to have a service that started with “Z.”


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