The Short Story

My name is Nicholas Levich, and I am not your average business consultant. I’m a risk mitigating, analytical operations expert that helps business owners scale infrastructure, optimize teams, and meet goals. How did I get here? That’s a long story.

The Long Story

I’ve spent the past four years running multiple companies. And while things are operating smoothly now, they haven't always been that way. I’m not ashamed to admit my mistakes—in fact, I’m proud of them. Every bump in the road has been a learning experience, a puzzle that I had to crack, forcing me to become the master problem solver that I am today. But before I bring you up to speed on the present and before we discuss where we might go in the future, let’s start in the past.


I graduated from the University of Denver with a B.S.B.A. in Finance and dual minors in Business Ethics & Legal Studies and Real Estate—summa cum laude for those of you who value academic performance. Personally, I place more weight on real-world experience. That’s why I forwent a scholarship to law school—to get my hands dirty. After college, I worked at a valuation and consulting firm that specializes in commercial real estate. Hard work, talent, and grit saw me become the youngest person in the office to hold the title of Certified General Real Estate Appraiser—a license that takes over 3,000 hours to obtain. But despite promotions, despite scoring a private office at the age of 24, I wasn’t happy. I wanted more.

So, I quit my job to bootstrap an e-commerce company that served an under-represented demographic. I analyzed the market, saw an opportunity, and pounced. My partner and I built a sleek online accessories brand that defied the outdated distribution models. We aimed to serve peace of mind to our end users—professionals who likewise defied stereotypes. Our launch was well-received, and we continued to grow month-over-month. What we didn’t anticipate, however, was that this continued growth brought with it a slew of internal challenges.

We realized that we were both working IN our business instead of ON it. I used to think to myself, “if only there were two of me, I could grow faster.” I know what it feels like to fear relinquishing responsibility for fear of things done getting done incorrectly. Eventually I realized that by trying to do it all, I was actually the cause of the growth ceiling my business was experiencing. You may be in the same boat.

I knew something had to change, but I wasn't quite sure what. So I started reading books—operations books, management books, growth books, scaling books—anything I could get my hands on. I then began to use my company as a guinea pig, implementing various strategies to see what worked. I chose my favorite tactics from each book, and eventually I established a smart strategy to scale our infrastructure.

I call this process implementing a conscious Business operating system.

Now, I’ve fully automated operations and no longer have any day-to-day responsibility. And those four years gave me a crash course in e-commerce and business more valuable than anything I could’ve learned in a classroom.

Today, I use the same Conscious operating system to help Other business owners scale with confidence.

I tackle the logistical nightmares of business operations with the risk averse strategy of a chess master. My clients trust me because I’m transparent about my journey.

I understand the problems you’re facing. I’ve been in your shoes.