There’s more to me than just the business side of things

Where I'm From

I’m an active, goal-oriented Colorado transplant (originally from PDX) who savors a healthy lifestyle and time spent with family and friends.

My Daily Routine

I value a daily routine that includes meditation, exercise, healthy eating, reading, a cold shower, and a full night of sleep. I'm a firm believer that work-life balance is not just a myth it's essential for long-term health, happiness, and productivity.


Currently Reading

I just finished 'Crushing it!' by Gary Vaynerchuck and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to grow their business organically or develop a personal brand. The fact of the matter is social media is changing the rules of the business game. I am currently reading 'Principles' by Ray Dalio.

Where you can find me

On the weekdays, I work out of my home office unless I'm meeting with clients. On the weekends you can find me backcountry skiing, backpacking, or watching live music.


Favorite Quote

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein

Upcoming Travel

In between busy months I like to broaden my perspective by traveling all over the world. I always keep one trip on the calendar to look forward tonext up, Virginia Beach for a summer getaway!